This is another poem I had written, hope you like it!
I glanced to the left,
But the masks covering my face,
Disguised my actions,
My looks,
My thoughts.
I hid under the veil of fear,
That sheltered many like me,
Who don’t appreciate,
Who don’t believe in themselves.
But now I end this masquerade,
Peel away all the layers,
And expose myself to the judgmental world,
Because I don’t care what they think.

5 Things I just cant handle…

Everyone has at least 1 thing that they just can’t stand, and in most cases, such as mine, there’s a whole list of stuff. Here, I picked 5 of them, and I hope that if anyone ends up wasting their time reading this, that they can at least relate to a few of them.

1. Low Battery: When I’m on my iPod, and I’ve got low charge, my iPod finds it necessary to remind me that I’ve got “less than 20% left” every 5 seconds!!! Seriously, I get the point, and all I really need is a warning before my iPod crashes… Argh!

2. Bad hair days: I think this annoys teen girls everywhere… I wake up in the morning, optimistic and ready for a new day, and I go to get ready, and what do i see? Walking train wreck. And all the effort I put in to fix my hair is in vain, because it just refuses to cooperate! I just end up annoyed and frustrated, which is probably the worst mood to be in nearly every morning…

3. Embarrassing people: I’m pretty sure most people wont be able to relate to this, but when I’m out with friends, and one of their favorite songs starts playing, they feel obliged to bust out a dance move, and I feel the sudden urge to curl up into a ball and die. I know I’m not the one dancing, but still, I cant handle this situation in particular. I just feel so embarrassed, that I cant stand it!

4. Partiality: Okay, I understand that its inevitable for teachers to  have favorites, but when the teacher makes it obvious? It really gets on my nerves.. I just don’t get why they find it necessary to pick favorites and ignore the rest. ( I don’t mean to be disrespectful, and this doesn’t necessarily apply to all teachers 🙂

5. Power cuts: So i’m working on homework or something important, when the power cuts. Well, now i cant see anything, and I’m forced to leave whatever I’m doing and go find a flashlight. Then, one of two thing happens. Either I just found a flashlight, and turn it on, when the power comes back. All that effort for nothing!! Or, I bring the flashlight back, and end up supporting it awkwardly between my shoulder and ear until the power returns. Seriously, if people can solve Rubix cubes in less than a minute, then why cant they provide continuous power?

My first post!

So… I just created this blog, and I’m not so sure what I’ll be posting. Maybe I’ll just write about things that happen during my day? Or write articles on things I care about? At the moment, I’m clueless, but I hope that eventually I figure out what to do. I think I’ll be able to find some time tomorrow to post an article, I’ll see…

That’s all I have to say for now, Bye!